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We built our reputation by making products that last. Our dedication to quality, innovation and value reveals itself in everything we make! All split air conditioners are sold with at least a 5 year compressor warranty*.


We are  a "Customer Value Creation Company" that provides safety, security, comfort and convenience in line with our visions of contributing to a ubiquitous networking society and co-existing with the global environment. When you buy our air conditioner today, rest assured we'll be there to support you tomorrow.


All mini split air conditioners are equipped with a highly intelligent Toshiba compressor. By better controlling the speed of the compressor, our split air conditioners draw up to 30% less electricity!


Ductless mini splits air conditioners (mini splits) are mainly used in residential or commercial buildings without ducting. Similar to central air conditioners, split air conditioners have two main components: the outdoor unit( The compressor) and an indoor unit, air handler(The Evaporator).

Between the two components of the split air conditioners you have a set of electrical wires(2 Power lines and 2 Signal line) plus two insulated copper tubes for the R410 refrigerant gases (one liquid / one gas). Not more than a 3 inch hole is needed to run the lines and wires between the units. The outdoor compressor feeds electricity to the indoor unit. The indoor air handler is mounted on the wall high up near the ceiling. The temperature is controlled by remote controller. You can set the unit to cool, heat or dehumidify at a precise temperature.

You can use this technology to efficiently cool and heat your household or a commercial building.


  • Small size and flexibility for zoning or heating and cooling individual rooms.
  • Ductless split air conditioners are easier to install than other types of cooling systems. The hook-up between the outdoor and indoor units generally requires only a three inch hole through a wall for the conduit.
  • Because mini splits air conditioners do not require ductwork they also eliminate energy loss caused by duct system in a building.
  • Most split air conditioners draw approx 40% less electricity when compared to other types but they also may qualify for governmental rebates depending on your state laws.
  • Split air conditioners are also a much safer solution for your cooling and heating needs. They eliminate the risk of break-ins cause by window type systems.
  • With a sleek look, split air conditioners are a good option when considering the design of the room you are planning on cooling & heating.


When compared to other types of air conditioners, mini split systems are very easy to maintain.

  • The most important maintenance task is ensuring that the air filter of the indoor unit is cleaned on a regular basis. Split systems filters are easy to remove and can be cleaned using water. By keeping the filter clean, you can increase the efficiency of your unit by up to 15%!
  • Your split system are dehumidifiers too. A drain tube is connected to the outdoor unit where the air condensation is leaked out. Everyone once in a while it is recommended to pass a stiff wire through the drain. Clogged drain pipes can prevent a unit from reducing humidity. Excess moisture in the air may dis-color walls or carpet.

Q. Where can I find the wiring diagram for my whisper split system?


Model:          Power Supply Cable     Max Current(A)  Voltage     Breaker Size:
KFR25GW-  AGW12-14             -      10.5                - 208-230      15A
KFR35GW-  AGW12-14             -      14.7                - 208-230      20A
KFR51GW-  AGW12                  -      10.1                - 208-230      20A
KFR70GW-  AGW12                  -      13.5                - 208-230      25A

Manual: Click Here

  • Connect the high & low pressured lines between the indoor and outdoor unit of your air conditioner.
  • Remove the valve core copper caps from the high & low pressure lines.
  • Vacuum The Lines to verify proper copper connections and evacuate air. 
  • Loosen the Low Pressure Valve slightly then re tighten immediantly.
  • Use a leak detector to verify pipe joints and valve caps for leaks.
  • If no leak is present, release the gases by opening the valve  of the high, then the low pressured lines. Make sure the cover copper caps are closed tightly.

How are Mini Splits Different?

Mini Split Air Conditioning is an amazing option to go for if you have the right information to refer to. Let us help you make that decision.
Now, you have finally decided to get the Ultimate Cooling Machine! No, it is not your Cooling Oil or the Talcum Powder! It is the all mighty Air Conditioner! But there are a few things that you should consider before you buy an AC:

1.Your Budget

2.The place of residence, whether it is your own or it is rented. If it is your own private residence, then it is extremely easy to decide. But if you stay in a rented house, you might have to consult your landlord first.

3.The size of the area where you want the cooling to take place.

Now that you have estimated the above requirements, your options will be better focused. Here, we will offer you information for you cooling needs if the area of the room that you estimate is large and also, if your budget is a little high.
Mini Split Air Conditioning is the kind of Air Conditioning that is installed for the cooling purpose of various rooms. This may burn a hole in your pocket but this is only a one time investment! Mini Split Air Conditioning is a better option in terms of long-term money saving and they are environment friendly too!

Also called Ductless Air Conditioning or Ductless Mini Air Conditioning is a permanent installation. That is why, if you are a tenant, it is utmost important to consult your Landlord first. The Mini Split Air Conditioning also involves professionals for the installation job. But these are the only side-effects of the Ductless AC.

These types of ACs are beneficial if your house cannot have Central Cooling or when you have the profit of having no ducts in your house!

The Mini Split Air Conditioning unit is made up of two parts: a condenser which faces outside or opposite to the cooling area and a fan that cools the indoor area. The two are connected by conductor pipes that share the electricity supply. The units are separate and as long as they are connected to each other, they can be placed as far apart as you want. The cooling system, the one that faces inside, can be placed at a height or any of your desired area. There are an additional benefit that comes with Mini Split Air Conditioning. You can connect many fans to one condenser to distribute the cooling to many rooms.

Installation requires professional assistance, but it is comparatively easier that the installation process required in executing central Air conditioning.

Mini Split Air Conditioning, as already mentioned has a host of benefits. There are no extra costs for ducts. These are very efficient when it comes to the usage of electricity. Since the cooling is given only to specific areas, it saves energy and cools better.

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Mini Splits: A Cooling Paradise

To create a comfortable spring fresh atmosphere or make it warmer in your office or house you will need to install the equipment that was specially designed for this air conditioning and heating systems. You should be aware that installing an air conditioner or heat pump usually requires a lot of investments. You have to pay for ductwork, buy expensive equipment and wait for it to be installed and turned on. There are a few players on the market offering a whole experience and providing the high quality cutting edge ductless air conditioners and heat pumps.

Some of them offer mini split air conditioner and mini split heat pump. You can find excellent climate control equipment for various types of accommodations including smallest household air-conditioners (mini split systems) and central air conditioning systems.

You should know the difference between two types of room air conditioners: packaged and unitary terminal systems. The last ones represent the common one room air conditioners that are normally installed in a window and wall opening, they are equipped with interior controls. To create a fresh atmosphere in a large house or building several such units should be installed so that each room would be cooled separately. Packaged terminal systems are well known as ductless systems. They are composed of separate units, the condensing unit on the interior and the evaporative unit on the exterior. These systems may be easily adjusted according to your needs providing heating in cold weather, either by using gas, electric strip or other heater, or by reversing the flow and heating the interior, converting the air conditioner into a heat pump.

Ductless split air conditioner and heat pump products allow to satisfy any cooling and heating requirements. This latest technology makes it possible to dramatically reduce the size of fan components and evaporator to extremely compact dimensions which helps them fit in almost everywhere where you want to install it.

Almost all the equipment that is available on the market is microprocessor controlled. Thanks to this technology comfortable level of the temperature and humidity is ensured. Units are also equipped with infrared remote control and LCD display, now you can adjust different parameters such as temperature, louver control, fan speeds, timer and many more to provide a fully automatic operation and comfort. It has never been that easy to maintain a comfortable air temperature and humidity.

Usually, air conditioning systems are used for both apartments and houses, as well as restaurants, offices, shops and other non-residential premises.

To take into account the variety of design options for indoor units, we can say with certainty: the air conditioner will never harm your interior, quite the opposite, it will enhance its look!

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Mini Split Brands, Mr. Whisper

In past few years Mr. Whisper mini split system has gained lot of popularity among the people all around the world.

It's a wonderful system developed by the industry's leading brand and excellent both in terms of quality as well as price. That is the main reason behind its growing popularity. It is one of the best systems for people to cool or heat their homes or offices according to their needs.

Mr. Whisper mini split system is considered one of the best for both home as well as office usage.

Basically, this Mr. Whisper product is a duct- less cooling and heating system which is developed and designed to regulate the temperature efficiently as per requirement at both offices as well as homes.

The Mr. Whisper mini split system is a heating and duct-less cooling systems which is divided into 2 major units and are connected to one another via the refrigerant lines.

One of the units of Mr. Whisper mini split system is to be installed on the inside wall and the other unit is to be installed against the outside wall of the house or the office.

And basically the outside unit works by taking the air from outside of the structure and blowing it via the refrigerant line and the tubing to the indoor unit which is required to blow the cool or hot air inside the room.

Similar to through the wall air conditioners, there are innumerable benefits of purchasing Mr. Whisper mini split system for your home or the office use. It facilitates the customers to install air conditioning units into their homes or offices which do not even have the air ducts installed.

Not only the above advantages but the Mr. Whisper mini split system also helps its customers from getting rid of other problems which customers normally face in case of window installed air conditioning units.

The window installed air conditioning systems are very well known for harming the window frames, and other problems such as water leaking, causing disturbance due to its noise etc. Since this mini split system is installed into the wall hence it does not have any of the problems which customers normally face in other types of air conditioning units.

Mr. Whisper mini split system or other similar mini split air conditioners are very convenient and fast in terms of installation and very simple and easy in terms of maintenance. It is one of the best options for all those areas in your home where you want it but its design does not have ductwork or registers present.

The best part is that this Mr. Whisper comes with a one year parts warranty and five years of compressor guarantee too. Last but not the least it is undoubtedly one of the cost effective systems available in the market.

How to Install A Mini Split

1.Mount the inside unit with a bracket to the wall in the room, Make sure to cut a 2.5-3'' hole so the pipes can go through (this will be hidden by the unit once mounted).

2.Connect the pipes (Inside Unit Connect to the outside unit)
They Just Screw together with Pre-Flared, Pre-Nutted fittings. -They have to be super tight. - (Normally this is where you would want to vacuum the lines to see if there are any leaks)- But if you do not have that-just keep reading

3.Connect the wires( There is a Numbered Terminal On the inside unit and outside unit, The wires need to connect to each terminal together-( Sometimes 4-5 wires depending on the make and model)- May need to remove the face off of the inside unit to expose the wire terminal, outside one is easy.

4.Provide the power supply:
a.Either Run the power supply to a dis-connect outside( dis-connect costs about 12 buck at lowes), then from that dis-connect you provide power to the outside unit via a whip ( Waterproof conduit with wires built in- not expensive)

b. Other units, like Mr. Whisper- the power is ran to the inside unit so it can plug in on the inside, and power is given to the outside unit through the inside units power connection. No Dis-connect required( But you do need to ground the outside unit)

5.Release The 410a: Now all your pipes and connections are completed, double check everything, If all is well this is where we release the 410a freon from the outside condenser into the copper pipes.

-On the outside unit there will be two octagon style nuts on the connections where the pipes were connected( Not the nuts from the pipes, those are holding the pipes on) -its on the back of the ports- you unscrew those which will expose allen key style openings- You basically just unscrew those until they stop or until they are flush with the opening, put the octagon caps back on.

Once this is completed- Turn the System on,

6.Perge the Lines ( Release pressure from the service port to clear the air in the lines) -The service port looks kinda like a tire pressure valve, on the outside unit, in the area where you connected the copper pipes. It has a cap on it- You will need to press the valve like releasing some air from a tire, about 4- times should do it. This will force out any air that may be in the lines, and thats that

The only issue when you do your own install is that most of the time the factory will not give you parts for free if they break- Not to say you will not get parts, but you will most likely have to pay for them.

You will save allot of money doing your own install- the benefit outweighs the risk!

Does a SEER Rating Matter In Mini Splits?

Air conditioning is not just a luxury item for many houses anymore. When building a new house it is often included without question. There are so many options when it comes to central air in a house. The air conditioner BTU is a big thing to consider. The efficiency of the air conditioner is also a big factor to look at. Many new home builders will include a builder model AC unit in the price of the house. If the homeowner wants to have a better, higher efficiency unit, they have to pay extra for that. How much extra should they pay and still come out with a good deal?

There are a few things to check out when upgrading the air conditioning unit. When buying the higher efficiency model it will usually include things like high and low pressure cutout switches in the outdoor condenser unit. This can be very valuable and save the compressor from going bad if there is a problem.

That could be worth the extra cost right there. Also with a higher efficiency unit, the indoor air handler will include a higher efficiency blower motor. The ECM motors will run much more efficient then a regular motor. The efficiency is even greater if the motor is run at low speeds much of the time.

The most confusing issue with any air conditioning is the SEER rating that the US Government uses to rate air conditioning units. The simplest formula I can use to explain this is that the SEER rating compares the cooling BTU's that are made by the unit per unit (KW) of electricity used. Usually expressed as BTU's/Kilowatt of electric. Of course the more BTU's produce per kilowatt of electric consumed the better off you are.

To arrive at a usage number you would have to figure up the number of hours per year that you may be running the air conditioning unit. That can be done by taking the degree day information provided by the weather service for your area and through some fairly complex formula's coming up with usage for your house. I suggest that it may be much easier to just figure how many days you will be running the air conditioner and how many hours a day it might actually run. The specifications provided by the manufacturer of the unit you will use show the electrical usage of the unit. Take the watts per hour consumed by the unit, times the hours run time, divide by 1000 and you will have the kilowatt hour of electric that the unit will consume. Now take that and times it by the number of days a year the unit will run. Then figure that times the cost of the electric per kilowatt hour from your electric company.

If with these numbers you find that your pay back will be five years or less than I would for sure go with the higher efficiency unit. Keep in mind also that in some states the electricity costs are going to go up by 50% or more in the next few years. You may want to run the numbers at those higher electricity costs. The farther south you live, the more days you will use your air conditioning unit. Therefore it will be more beneficial to get a higher efficiency unit the farther south you live.

Heat Pump units often are rated much higher in efficiency that straight air conditioning units. Especially in the mid to southern climates in may pay to look at a heat pump unit. I will try to address that in the future. Heat Pumps will be a whole separate subject.

So to wrap up the thoughts on air conditioning efficiency. As electric prices rise the cost of the higher efficiency units will be much more practical. Higher efficiency air conditioners have more safety controls built into them. You can do some figuring and find out how much more you can spend for a higher efficiency unit and still get your money back in saved electricity. Directory World Ranking Website Directory Free backlink Directory
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